Psychological Health Consultants
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Our Services

We offer a wide range of Clinical and Non-Clinical services.

They include the following:

  1. Individual Consultations in Clinical Settings
  2. Individual Consultations in non-Clinical Settings, including Home and Office.
  3. Corporate Consultations on work-place issues, facilitation of employer-employee relationships
  4. Employee Selection testing/guidance
  5. Motivation training.
  6.  Child Psychology Assessment (including Intelligence Quotient and other psychometric measurements)
  7. Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Mental Health conditions
  8. Adult Psychometric Testing (Clinical, Medico-legal)
  9. Evaluation of Work-place Injuries/disability
  10. Group Therapy (Open and Closed Groups)
  11.  Facilitation of Peer Support Groups for Special Issues e.g. Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Rape, Grief.
  12.  Bereavement Counseling
  13. Disability Services, including Assessment, Individualized Training Design, Training of Counselors and Care-givers, Operational Management of Special Homes.
  14. Trauma and Disaster Counseling, including services for individual and group victims of Mass Accidents, Terrorist incidents and Kidnapping.
  15. Training of Government, Corporate and NGO Staff on Trauma and Disaster Counseling
  16. Training of School Counselors and Teachers on recognition and management of troubled minors
  17.  Adolescent Counseling Services
  18.  Recognition and Management of Alcohol and Substance Abuse problems in all age groups
  19.  Consultancy Services on Mental Health and Socio-Psychological issues, such as Policy Formulation, Services Development, Training of Manpower, Population Surveys.
  20.  Support for Counseling Services and Help Lines